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Stellar began life in 1995. The origins of the band lay with Ronan O'Hanlon and Martin Carroll who had been writing and recording together since 1991, developing their songwriting, and recording demos. They moved to Liverpool in 1995, by which time Sarah Mason (vocals), Graham Tonks (bass) and Shane Johnson (keyboards) had joined the band. A demo was sent to 4AD, who responded positively and signed Stellar for a one-off deal with Detox Artifacts where they released a 4-track CD. Stellar played the launch party for Detox at Disgracelands, London in September 1996. The audience included Liz Frazer, and Andrew Weatherall. The CD came out shortly afterwards.

Stellar continued for another year, gigging up North at venues such as The Hacienda, Night and Day in Manchester and Liverpool Lomax. After a move to London, the band disbanded, and Ronan and Martin are now based in London as The Sleepless.