Full Moon & Natural Tune

Efterklang featuring the students of Special Music School (NYC)


The members of Efterklang admit that they wouldn't have their careers without the benefits of a well rounded education that combined music and academics.

The goal of Efterkids is to both raise awareness for the need for music in public education, but also to help raise money for specific schools that are setting the standards for combining academic and artistic excellence.

For SMS, the school's music program is funding by private donations and grants. Efterklang is helping the school raise money for a computer and composer software for the school.

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Earlier this year, Efterklang "performed" two songs with the talented students of New York's Special Music School (SMS). We say "performed" because the kids played live in front of a 20 foot high projection of the band. The band edited the footage from the two performances into the performances which you see above - creating the unique Efterkids concert experience.

July 2010 Efterklang performed live on stage with 6 talented kids from the Duisburg area in Germany and Efterklang is currently working on similar projects in Poland, San Francisco, Boston and anywhere a group of talented children and their teachers want to join the cause of raising awareness for music in public schools.

SMS is a unique public school with a mission to provide schooling to musically gifted children through the combination of a highly structured instrumental training and a standards-based academic program. The School prepares musically gifted children for professional music careers while recognizing that not every student will choose such a career.

More information on SMS can be found here

Efterklang encourages educators around the world to download the course materials to create their own Efterkids concert in their classroom. Enclosed in the download package are the musical score, the parts score, playback track (sans strings) and a strings-capella track.

You can view the original videos at the 4ad Sessions site

Who knows, send a link to your performance to contact@efterklang.net and maybe we'll post it to this web site.

  • Camera: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard and Stuart Ward
  • Editor: Stuart Ward
  • Recording and Mixing: Lasse Baunkilde
  • Director: Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
  • Music Written By: Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen
  • Lyrics: Casper Clausen

Full Moon and Natural Tune can both be found in their original versions on Efterklangs album "Magic Chairs". Visit Efterklang at www.efterklang.net