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4AD Sessions

19th September 2011

1 Menopause Man (4AD Session) 5.47
2 Here Sometimes (4AD Session) 4.51
3 Forget (4AD Session) 3.30
4 Chinese High (4AD Session) 7.02
5 Never Stops 3.05
1 Powa (4AD Session) 4.57
2 I Was Playing Drums (4AD Session) 5.07
3 Home (4AD Session) 4.03
4 Here Comes The Blackout (4AD Session) 2.15
5 Big Burned Hand (4AD Session) 2.55

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22nd September
4AD Release Sessions Compilation LP and Free MP3 Download

4AD Release Sessions Compilation LP and Free MP3 Download

The 4AD Sessions have been documenting live performances from artists on the label's roster since its inception back in 2008. Housed at www.4ad.com/sessions, the site has since become a much bookmarked site among discerning music fans, allowing the label an in-house alternative to present their bands in both a unique and compelling way.

The series began with Deerhunter’s audio-only session at Studio Plateaux on Platts Eyot Island in West London, originally inspired by the Peel Sessions archive and a desire to replicate the live experience in a creative manner. It was subsequently released as an extremely limited cassette tape, both given away at a Halloween show in their native Atlanta and through an online competition, and has since become one of the label’s most desired releases from recent years.


4AD Sessions

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