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21st October 2014

Future Islands


  1. Sun In The Morning
  2. Doves
  3. Seasons (Waiting On You)
  4. Light House
  5. A Song For Our Grandfathers

Future Islands' 4AD Session feature live performances of album cuts 'Sun In The Morning', 'Doves', 'Seasons (Waiting On You)', 'Light House' and 'A...

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8th April 2014



  1. Shallows
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Still
  4. Youth
  5. Amsterdam

Last summer, Daughter and acclaimed composer/arranger Joe Duddell were brought together by Festival No.6 to participate in a unique project.

As the...

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18th March 2014



  1. Artifice
  2. The Wheel
  3. Bloodflows
  4. Lights

As the release of his debut album draws nearer, SOHN has taken time out to film a 4AD Session with filmmaker and photographer Andreas Waldschuetz in...

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25th November 2013

Camera Obscura


  1. Break It To You Gently
  2. Desire Lines
  3. Every Weekday
  4. New Years Resolution
  5. Fifth In Line To The Throne

Today marks the launch of the next instalment in the 4AD Sessions series, with Camera Obscura taking centre stage.

The five-track session was...

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6th September 2012



  1. I Am Haunted
  2. Magic Kids
  3. New

Indians, the musical alter ego of Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul, have signed to 4AD worldwide. While Indians only played their...

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15th August 2012



  1. Mystikal Maze
  2. Get Yah Head Bust
  3. Don't Give A Damn

SpaceGhostPurrp is the latest artist to record a live performance as part of the label's ongoing 4AD Sessions series.

A recent addition to the...

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8th May 2012

Mark Lanegan Band


  1. The Gravedigger's Song
  2. St. Louis Elegy
  3. Riot In My House
  4. Harborview Hospital

Following the release of Blues Funeral back in February, Mark Lanegan Band have recorded four songs for the thirteenth installment in the 4AD...

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17th February 2012

Bon Iver


  1. Hinnom, TX
  2. Wash.
  3. I Can't Make You Love Me
  4. Babys
  5. Beth/Rest

For the latest installment in the 4AD Sessions series, 4AD and Jagjaguwar have collaborated in order to capture a truly unique Bon Iver live...

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13th January 2012

The Big Pink


  1. Stay Gold
  2. Hit The Ground (Superman)
  3. Velvet
  4. Rubbernecking
  5. Give It Up

Ahead of the release of their second album, Future This, The Big Pink have recorded a set of five songs as part of the 4AD Sessions series. Bringing...

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28th October 2011

St. Vincent


  1. Chloe In The Afternoon
  2. Surgeon
  3. Strange Mercy
  4. Year Of The Tiger

In September of this year, St Vincent took a giant leap forward with the release of third album, Strange Mercy. This time out Annie Clark was to...

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14th July 2011

Iron And Wine


  1. Tree By The River
  2. Biting Your Tail
  3. Big Burned Hand
  4. Half moon
  5. Upwards over The Mountain

Iron & Wine, the work of Austin-based Sam Beam, released their fourth album, Kiss Each Other Clean through 4AD in January 2011. Somewhat of a...

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13th May 2011

Gang Gang Dance


  1. Chinese High
  2. Mindkilla/KOU-DA-LEY
  3. Adult Goth/Bond
  4. Glass Jar

To mark the release of fourth album Eye Contact, Brooklyn's Gang Gang Dance is the latest act to record a 4AD Session. Filmed in early April at...

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20th January 2011

Twin Shadow


  1. Castles In The Snow
  2. At My Heels
  3. Forget
  4. Slow

Twin Shadow is the latest act to record for the 4AD Sessions series. Filmed at Teddington Studios at the back end of 2010, the session airs ahead of...

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8th December 2010

Broken Records


  1. A Leaving Song
  2. A Darkness Rises Up
  3. You Know You're Not Dead
  4. The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
  5. Home

To mark the release of their second album, Let Me Come Home, Broken Records have recorded five songs for the latest installment in the 4AD Sessions...

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4th November 2010

Blonde Redhead


  1. Here Sometimes
  2. Love Or Prison
  3. Will There Be Stars
  4. Oslo
  5. Not Getting There

Earlier this year, Blonde Redhead released Penny Sparkle, their third album for 4AD and eighth in total. Joined here by Henrik Von Sivers, who worked...

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7th September 2010



  1. Fuel Up
  2. On The Rocks
  3. Here Comes The Blackout
  4. Watching Birds

With Beachcomber's Windowsill, Stornoway released one of the most assured and impressive debuts of the year. Recorded in the beautiful environs of...

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22nd May 2010

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti


  1. Menopause Man
  2. Spires In The Snow
  3. Little Wig
  4. Flashback
  5. L'Estat (According to the Widow's Maid)

Ahead of their debut release for 4AD (worldwide from June 8), Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti appear in session with a number of tracks from the...

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9th March 2010



  1. I Was Playing Drums
  2. Alike
  3. Me, Me, Me, the Brick House
  4. Modern Drift

Efterklang's Magic Chairs is the Copenhagen-based outfit's debut record for 4AD and third full-length in total. With the likes of 'Modern Drift',...

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29th November 2009



  1. Real Live Flesh
  2. Little Tiger
  3. Powa
  4. Hatari
  5. Jumping Jack

Tune-Yards is the singular musical project of New England native Merrill Garbus. Possessing an expansive sound that marries a coarse folk ingenuity...

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