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Now Playing: 'Knock Me On The Head' By Stornoway


Director:  The Mitcham Submarine
Producer: The Mitcham Submarine / Suze Olbrich
D.O.P:  Patrick Meller
Focus Puller: Murren Tullett
Gaffer: Philip Hurst
1st AD: Adam Lilley
Set Design:  Anna Burns
Set Build :  Karl Crick @ Karmer Set Builders
Artwork:  Kirini Kopcke
Stylist:  Jakob Brondum
Make Up: Brigitta Smart, Denise Kum, Chloe Habachi, Gemma Albone
Projections: Oscar Lisshagen
DIT: James Bridgford
Editor: James Harman @ TC Soho
Colourist: Tom Knowles @ The Joint
Production Assistant: Liam Glyde
Runner: Josh Turner

Martha Hinnigan
Paul Riddlesworth
Tim Roddis
Steve Webbon

Special thanks to Dr Martin Bellamy, James & JP at TC Soho, Sarah, Irene & the Tom's at The Joint, Glenda Goldschmied, Kim Harding, Tim at Custom Skins, Caroline Gardens Chapel, Jeff Avery at City Clearances, Ian Ramage, Pat McCourt  at The Soho Whisky Club,  Russell Thomas, Paul Dugdale, Dan Bowen, Jo Morris, Ronan Hartney, Footage Firm,  Anthony Holt at Filmscape & Jason Smith at Panalux.

About the video:
The lyrics of the Stornoway single 'Knock Me On The Head' are loosely based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1798 poem, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner.  The video is a contemporary adaptation of the poem and takes inspiration from the lyrics . Singer Brian is The Ancient Mariner in the guise of a modern day TV weatherman as he describes the journey of the doomed ship.  Band members Rob & Jon play the Wedding Guest and Hermit respectively.  Bassist  Oli reports in 'live' from the quayside of the launch of a ship, which in design is similar to another famously doomed vessel. One of the other characters in the video is reading The Mariner's Mirror; a heavyweight nautical publication from 1911 which is still in circulation today. 

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