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Zomby - OUT NOW: Zomby - With Love
Zomby : OUT NOW: Zomby - With Love
18th June 2013

"Moving in ways that are hard to explain." Q (4/5)

"His most epic and complete statement yet." Dazed & Confused

"Join the dark side; it’s unnervingly beautiful."
Drowned In Sound (9/10)

"A perfect mirror image of it's creator." The Wire

"Evocative of an after-hours, nocturnal experience."
The Independent (4/5)

"Truly stylish." Clash (8/10)

"Zomby is on expansive form... an impressive and atmospheric double album." FT (4/5)

"As with AFX and Burial before him, Zomby's supernaturally effective feel for melody and harmony is key to his appeal, but unlike them, his awareness of contemporary rhythms and his adroit ability to re-define gives his work a contemporary relevance and resonance they've sometimes failed to achieve." Bleep (Album of the Week)

Divided into two volumes, With Love is a 33-track triple vinyl/double CD that moves seamlessly between the dance floor and after-hours emotional introspection, serving as a love letter to the soulful dance music of his past.

Ever aloof, Zomby has granted a few interviews ahead of this release. You can read his chats to Dazed & Confused here, Interview Magazine here and Noisey here.

Zomby's With Love is out now. Full tracklisting can be found here.

With Love
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Using four tracks, London based director Ollie Evans created a tableau vivant-inspired short to preview the new record. Filmed in monochrome and slow motion, Evans takes excerpts from 'Ascension', 'Sunshine in November', 'Overdose' and 'Memories' to portray a movement through life and death. You can watch it below...