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Efterklang - Efterklang Release 'I Was Playing Drums' this week
Efterklang : Efterklang Release 'I Was Playing Drums' this week
19th April 2010

Copenhagen-based Efterklang explore a new realm with Magic Chairs, their first full-length record for 4AD and their third in the band’s decade-long existence. Well regarded for their unique fusion of left-of-centre electronic beats and grand orchestral gestures, the band eschewed the familiar territory of previous albums Tripper and Parades for something more streamlined, deconstructed and melodious. Calling on the mixing talents of Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Mogwai, Grizzly Bear) Efterklang have delivered what is possibly their most accessible album to date.

Album highlight ‘I Was Playing Drums’ is a perfect illustration of this shift in approach. Stripping back the song to its core it ebbs and flows around a syncopated beat and bass. Casper Clausen’s vocals take centre stage and as the momentum builds signature Efterklang elements come to the fore (a medley of strings, an electronic buzz).

With aesthetics continuing to be a hugely important component for Efterklang, the band have once again collaborated with celebrated design duo Hvass&Hannibal to produce the artwork for the single. The hand-dyed ribbons are a recurring motif echoed on the Magic Chairs sleeve.

‘I Was Playing Drums’ will be released digitally and as a 7” on 19th April. The single will be backed with an exclusive track ‘Me Me Me The Brick House’. These two songs, along with two others (‘Modern Drift’ and ‘Alike’) feature on the 4AD Sessions, a live performance filmed at VEGA in Copenhagen. The footage sees the quartet in their expanded seven-piece live mode with Frederik Teige and siblings Peter and Heather Broderick.

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