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Tune-Yards - tUnE-yArDs Etsy Store Open For Business
Tune-Yards : tUnE-yArDs Etsy Store Open For Business
20th September 2011

"I'm very excited to learn more about the incredible Etsy community, and become a small part of it." Merrill Garbus, tUnE-yArDs.

Etsy and tUnE-yArDs are partnering to share tUnE-yArDs' homepsun music and visual aesthetic with Etsy's ever-expanding online craft and vintage community.

The tUnE-yArDs shop features the work of Shawn Knight (tUnE-yArDs poster artist), Alex Chitty (album artist and designer), and accessory and jewellery designer Giia. All items are true to the Etsy spirit and handmade. The store can be found here.

Merrill had this to say about working with Etsy: "The folks at Etsy saw a link between what they do and what I do...I create loops live on stage, with my voice and drums, so every performance is a new kind of instant artwork. A weaving? Knitting? Painting? I'm not sure, but it has been fun to think of our music in visual terms."

To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, Etsy is thrilled to present a short documentary about tUnE-yArDs' Merrill Garbus and her distinctive creative process...

More from Merrill: "Etsy also helped the band open a store where we could sell our band merchandise, which is often designed by up-and-coming artist and designer friends. As a musician with strong opinions about the aesthetic surrounding my band (just look at that weird capitalisation!) I was honored to have the opportunity to feature the artists who we've collaborated with to make our merchandise."