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Lush - Merch Collaboration With JERKS
Lush : Merch Collaboration With JERKS
29th August 2023

To celebrate the recent re-issues of Spooky, Split and Lovelife, Lush has partnered with JERKS to release a run of limited-edition merchandise. 

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All three studio albums by Lush are now finally back in print as of 11th August, 2023, remastered by renowned engineer / producer Kevin Vanbergen, and released on both classic black vinyl and ultra-clear vinyl.

South London-based vintage brand JERKS celebrates music, the arts, and counterculture from the 70’s to the 00’s. With an impressive history of working with bands and artists on unique collections, the collaboration with Lush is a perfect meeting of minds.

The selection of different T-shirts is now available / on sale now, featuring designs from each album’s original artwork by 4AD’s inhouse designers at V23, Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg. T-shirts come in a variety of long sleeve, short sleeve and baby tees.

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Built around the songwriting talents of Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, Lush successfully defined a myriad of 90s scenes such as shoegaze, dream pop and Britpop before they disbanded in 1998.  A much-loved band who briefly reformed in 2016, a new young audience has since fallen in love with their music after discovering it via TikTok, Spotify et al. And outside of a lavish Record Store Day career retrospective boxset in 2016, all three studio albums – Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) – have been unavailable on vinyl since the 90s.