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Twin Shadow - Twin Shadow Takes Texas - Tour Dates and Exclusive 7"
Twin Shadow : Twin Shadow Takes Texas - Tour Dates and Exclusive 7"
6th September 2012

George Lewis Jr, aka Twin Shadow starts up the second half of his extensive US tour in support of his critically acclaimed sophomore album, Confess. What better way to confess your support for your fans than to launch a pointed run of tour dates directed specifically at one of your most loyal group of supporters?  It is with this in mind that Twin Shadow heads to the Lone Star state this September for half a dozen shows, plus in-store performances, radio appearances, etc. To further commemorate this Texas residency, Twin Shadow has created a limited edition 7" which will only be available in Texas at these shows and select Lone Star record stores.

"Some of our greatest shows in the states have been down in Texas. My favorite thing about it is that you drive long and hard to get to these places, and just beyond the constant van refuels, the violent scribblings on bathroom stall doors, the tumble weeds and scary small town authorities, are adoring fans, who just give you a lot of love. This is my way of saying thanks!" - Geogre Lewis Jr.

5th - Tricky Falls, El Paso
13th - Trees, Dallas
14th - The Mohawk, Austin
15th - The Mohawk, Austin
16th - Fitzgerald's, Houston
17th - Cine El Rey, McAllen

The exclusive Twin Shadow Takes Texas 7" will feature the song 'Run My Heart' as the A Side and bonus track 'Get What You Want' as the B side. Those of you who aren't able to make it to Texas for these shows to get the 7" can hear streams of the songs via the embeddable player below.