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cumgirl8 - phantasea pharm
cumgirl8: 'phantasea pharm '
18th August 2023

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cumgirl8 - phantasea pharm

New York City four-piece cumgirl8 announce their debut 4AD EP phantasea pharm, out 18th August. 

Made up of Lida Fox (bass), Veronika Vilim (guitar), Chase Lombardo (drums) and Avishag Rodrigues (guitar), phantasea pharm was born out of an obsession with Ella Fitzgerald’s 'Old McDonald' ahead of a show in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The band decided to pay homage.  Vilim dressed up in a cow leotard with pig accessories, Lombardo in a g-string and apron that read 'The Grillfather', Rodrigues became a lawn mower, and Fox took on the role of a sexy rooster. “We went on stage that night and told everyone we were a ‘Fantasy Farm.’”  They knew then that would become the basis of their new EP.

phantasea pharm follows standalone single 'dumb bitch' and the EPs cumgirl8 (2020) and RIPcumgirl8 (2021).

“One of the most immersive and engaging post-punk experiences to be had in this current generation of bands”
- Creem
“They may be provocateurs, but they also make a fiery brand of post-punk that would sound just as good under a tamer moniker.”
“Even though I am afraid of what it’s going to do to the algorithms that dictate my online experience, I can vouch for the quality of the music.”
- Stereogum
“New York’s Coolest Girlband”
- V Magazine