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Gang Gang Dance - MindKilla (Lee Scratch Perry Remix)
Gang Gang Dance: 'MindKilla (Lee Scratch Perry Remix)'
20th June 2011

Gang Gang Dance - MindKilla (Lee Scratch Perry Remix)

Earlier this year, Gang Gang Dance released the mind-melding track 'MindKilla' as a double A-side 12" alongside 11-minute opus 'Glass Jar' (taken from the New York group's fifth studio album Eye Contact). Propelled by the tight pulsating beats from Jesse Lee, and eerie and ambient samples rising from the keyboards of Brian DeGraw and guitar of Josh Diamond, 'MindKilla' mixes lyrics borrowed from 'Hush Little Baby' and Lizzi Bougatsos' vocal delivery lends a deeply sinister edge to the usually innocent traditional lullaby. Placed in the hands of veteran reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, 'MindKilla' has been stripped bare and transformed into an 8-minute wonder, interlaced with the Jamaican pioneer's hallmark rhythms and charismatic vocals.

Also available from: iTunes